Peter Seaby’s 2nd Inquest – Conclusion

Peter’s second inquest concluded this afternoon. I’ve more posts in draft which I’ll get to later, that detail the evidence told to the court, but I’m skipping ahead to what the coroner found. I’m not going to report all of the coroner’s summing up, because that would be duplication, but I’ll report the findings she […]

Peter Seaby’s 2nd inquest – April 2018

Peter’s Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Care Plan has been referenced throughout his second inquest (and was also a key feature of his first inquest). There’s a post detailing it’s content, how the Speech and Language Therapist Ms Debbage assessed his swallow, and the staff’s understanding of it here: Peter’s SALT plan ends with clear instructions […]

Peter Seaby’s 2nd inquest – the SALT plan

On Monday we heard from Sally Debbage, the Speech and Language Specialist Lead for Learning Disability Services in Norfolk. She expedited an appointment, visiting Peter at the Oaks and Woodcroft home, within a day of him arriving. She explained that she felt she needed to conduct the swallowing assessment promptly as the “previous directions weren’t […]