Preventing Future Deaths: Claire Twinn, Mark McKessy and Shane West

Continuing with the exploration of Prevention of Future Death reports issued in 2023 for learning disabled and/or autistic people, today I cover three more reports relating to learning disabled people. You can find the first post here and the second here. Claire Twinn Claire was 47 when she died in December 2022. She had Downs […]

Preventing Future Deaths: Owen Garnett, Steven Duquemin and Matthew Dale

This is my second post about Prevention of Future Death reports published in 2023 relating to learning disabled and autistic people. You can read the first one, which includes an explanation of what PFDs are here. In this post I’ll cover the PFDs issued following the deaths of Owen Garnett, Steven Duquemin and Matthew Dale […]

Falling Walls: time to end death by indifference #JusticeforLB?

Falling Walls Today I stumbled across Falling Walls for the first time: Falling Walls is a unique international platform for leaders from the worlds of science, business, politics, the arts and society. It was initiated on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. Inspired by this world-changing event on 9 […]