Whorlton Hall Prosecution – Peter Bennett – Closing speech

The last address the jury heard on Friday (21 April) was from Mr Andrew Rutter for Peter Bennett. He referenced Ms Richardson’s opening to her closing speech where she said that the jury may be sick of hearing her voice. I’m at the other end of that particular scale, you’ve heard very little from me, […]

Whorlton Hall Prosecution – 11 and 12 April 2023 – Matthew Banner

11 April 2023 The second defendant to give evidence to the court was Matthew Banner. He told the court that he was now 43 and asked by his counsel, Mr Constantine, whether he could confirm he was a man of good character he responded “certainly am, yes”. Asked about his work experience and background before […]

Whorlton Hall Prosecution – 11 April 2023 – Peter Bennett

The jury were brought into court today at 10:30 with HHJ Smith apologising for the slight delay in starting due to technical difficulties that a technical team were trying to solve. [The audio and picture on the remote link has been a little patchy all day, especially at the start of the morning]. HHJ Smith […]

Whorlton Hall Prosecution – 23 March 2023 Defendants’ interviews

At the start of the day today jury members were given an addition to their jury bundle which consisted of the agreed summaries of the police interviews conducted with the defendants in the case. Mr Herrmann, for the prosecution, called DC Gary Barnes to assist him with reading the interview summaries onto the record, and […]