Hidden in plain sight: patient safety and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust #JusticeforLB

Claims 1) Learning disabled people and those with mental ill health matter less than… [you complete the sentence, pretty much anything will do] 2) Society (that’s you and I)¬†continually, and routinely accepts a sub-standard of care and treatment for¬†these people 3) Sick people go to hospital, sick people die sometimes, therefore we don’t bat an […]

Waiting, impotence and wilfully ignoring… in pursuit of #JusticeforLB

I’m not very good at waiting. I’m a new idea a minute, leap to action and just try and get on with something, anything to avoid the inertia kinda gal. This has proved incredibly challenging at many points in my life. It’s almost three years to the day since my Dad died and his parting […]