Whorlton Hall Prosecution – Final legal directions

I had intended to report HHJ Smith’s Summing Up, which he gave yesterday. It started in the hour before the court adjourned for lunch, and continued after a break. When it continued I really struggled to hear, I don’t know what had happened and on occasion the sound has been a little patchy throughout this […]

Whorlton Hall Prosecution – Route to Verdict and Legal Directions

The jury were brought into court shortly after midday today. HHJ Smith thanked them and apologised that they were slightly later in than anticipated. HHJ Smith explained to the members of the jury that he had two documents for them, one was further legal directions, and a second was a Route to Verdict Questionnaire. HHJ […]

Whorlton Hall Prosecution – Legal Directions

After a morning break today, and following the second set of videos being shown to the jury, HHJ Smith gave 4 pages of legal directions to the member of the jury. He explained that these were the first legal directions, and they were likely to receive more in due course. He told them that the […]