Whorlton Hall Prosecution – Karen McGhee – Closing speech

After two closing speeches this morning, the court had a short break, before returning at midday for Mr Josh Normanton’s closing speech for Karen McGhee. He started by telling the jury that in early 2019 Ms McGhee was a recently trained nurse and that he wanted to open his speech by having a think about […]

Whorlton Hall Prosecution – 13 and 14 April 2023 – Karen McGhee

13 April 2023 The fourth defendant to give evidence was the Senior Staff Nurse Karen McGhee. Her counsel, Mr Normanton, started by providing additional transcripts for additional video clips he would show, and one page of additional agreed facts. In response to questions from Mr Normanton the court heard that Mrs McGhee was 54 and […]

Whorlton Hall Prosecution – 30 March 2023 – Count 21: not guilty

Yesterday the jury weren’t present as it was taken up with legal submissions, and first thing this morning HHJ Smith made a ruling in relation to those submissions. The jury were brought into court shortly after 11:30am today. HHJ Smith thanked them for their patience and understanding, and explained that it is not always easy […]

Whorlton Hall Prosecution – 23 March 2023 Defendants’ interviews

At the start of the day today jury members were given an addition to their jury bundle which consisted of the agreed summaries of the police interviews conducted with the defendants in the case. Mr Herrmann, for the prosecution, called DC Gary Barnes to assist him with reading the interview summaries onto the record, and […]