Fern Foster Inquest – Kieran Foster

The final witness that the court heard from on Day One of Fern’s inquest was her father, Kieran. The coroner thanked him for his detailed report with annexes, as part of his investigation. He said he believed the intention was that Kieran would read his statement, that we would hear that in its entirety and […]

Fern Foster Inquest – Rowan Foster

Before lunch on Day One Fern’s younger sister, Rowan, swore an oath and read her statement to the court. She said she was Fern’s younger sister by three years and that they were close growing up. She told the court that she was still young when Fern became unwell, and their relationship was complicated. She […]

Fern Foster Inquest – Dominique Jowett

After a short morning break on Day One of Fern’s inquest her mother, Dominique Jowett, gave her evidence to the court. The Senior Coroner Crispin Butler read Dominique’s statement to the court and onto the record, before then calling her to the witness box (which is actually a witness table in this court). In her […]

Fern Foster

Fern was a quiet, thoughtful, introverted and unassuming individual who was never happier than when she was curled up with a book. Fern loved reading. She found peace and comfort in character’s lives, walking in their shoes, living in other fantasy universes. Fern was an excellent student and loved literature so much her dream was […]

Jessie Eastland-Seares Inquest: Family Statement

We welcome the Jury’s findings and feel they got a real sense of who Jessie was, of all her difficulties, and the fight as parents that we have had with health services and East Sussex County Council, since 2016.  Jessie was often misunderstood and badly treated since she was 14. This added layers of traumatic […]

Jessie’s Inquest: Conclusion

The coroner called the jury back to court shortly before 5pm to see what position they were in and how much more time they thought they needed for deliberations. Coroner: Members of the jury I wonder if the foreman or forelady could stand please They do Coroner: Members of the jury you’ve now been deliberating […]

Jessie’s Inquest: Matters left to the jury

Before lunch on Day 9 the coroner summed up the evidence in Jessie’s inquest. She explained to the jury what their role entailed, what findings they needed to make and talked them through the record of inquest. The coroner told the jury that their findings must be based solely on what they heard in court […]

Day 9 Jessie Inquest: Final evidence

The jury came into court at 11am on Day 9 of Jessie’s inquest, on Friday 1 December. The coroner apologised for keeping them waiting and told them that they would hear some further evidence, following which they would retire to consider, after she had summed up all the evidence to them. The coroner said that […]