Day 2 Jessie’s inquest: Safeguarding enquiry

There was some difficulty with technical connections this morning as the first witness was joining remotely and it was hard for the jurors to hear. The coroner rose part way through her evidence for the clerks to try and find a better solution, which they did. Ms Woolfenden was accompanied by a senior colleague, Mr […]

Day 1 afternoon evidence: Jessie’s inquest

In this post I’ll recap the evidence that the court heard when they reconvened after lunch on Day 1 of Jessie’s inquest. You can read my report on Jessie’s mother’s evidence to the jury here, and her father’s evidence and account of Jessie’s last five and a half years here. When we returned to court […]

Day 1 Jessie’s inquest: Andy Seares

The second witness that the court heard from on Day 1 was Jessie’s father, Andy Seares. Andy read his statement to the jury and he was giving evidence for well over an hour. I’ve tried to capture as much as it as I can. He described his professional background and told the court that he […]

Day 1 Jessie’s inquest: Kate Eastland

Jessie Eastland Seares’ inquest hearing started this morning in a hotel in Brighton. Jessie died while she was detained under a section of the Mental Health Act. She was at the time of her death ‘in the care of the State’ so her inquest is an Article 2 inquest (Article 2 being the Right to […]

Shane West’s Inquest

Monday and Tuesday this week Assistant Coroner for Swansea, Aled Gruffydd, heard evidence in the inquest touching on the death of Shane West. He concluded the inquest yesterday, and stated his intention to issue a Prevention of Future Death Report to reflect what the court had heard over the past few days. I haven’t had […]

Cover-up cultures and avoiding accountability

I’ve been away from my laptop for a few days, ignored twitter, took some time away, swam in the sea (well more like just jumped the battering waves and felt glad to be alive and so small and insignificant in things), gave blood, visited friends, usual everyday things. Nothing wild but a break of sorts, […]

The cost of CQC’s carelessness and incompetence; letting Dimensions off the hook

[Summary version: How Sally Lewis was failed, neglectfully, by Dimensions, Julie Campbell, Julie McGirr and all of those so called Support Workers responsible for providing her basic care. And how Sally was failed again by CQC]. Earlier this week Sally Lewis’s inquest concluded, with the coroner finding that her death was contributed to by the […]

Sally Lewis: Non-apology Dimensions style

I’ve written about apologies before, about the value of candour, about non apologies, the othering of learning disabled people and allegedly inquisitorial inquests. Today I’m more than a bit disappointed, but if I’m honest not surprised, to add Dimensions UK to the list. This is a post I wrote before Sally’s inquest started. In it […]