Marcus Hanlin Inquest – Brandon Trust Statement

The Brandon Trust acknowledges that a mistake was made on the day that Marcus consumed the contents of the sensory activity. The Brandon Trust has apologised, and continues to apologise, to Marcus’ family for the mistake. The Brandon Trust acknowledges the coroner’s conclusion that Marcus’s death was contributed to by neglect.

Since Marcus’s death, the Brandon Trust has taken robust action to identify all lessons that can be learned to avoid anything like this happening again. This has included engaged training for all staff, a thorough review and audit of all risk assessments, policies and guidance, and changes to the staffing and management structure at Cheddar Grove.

One comment on “Marcus Hanlin Inquest – Brandon Trust Statement”

Anna Rose says:

Very interesting. I’m not best placed to remember everything but you’d think I’d remember repeated apologies from those responsible for Marcus’s death. I don’t!

But to George Julian, my very fulsome and warm thanks. You do such an amazing job for this group of people who are often silent or silenced. They so need your voice – so generously and effectively given.

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