Marcus Hanlin Inquest – Jack Anderson

The first witness on Day 2 of Marcus Hanlin’s inquest was Jack Anderson who was called shortly after 10am. He gave an affirmation and confirmed his name for the record.

C: What was your role at the time there?

JA: I was the administrator at Cheddar Grove

C: Right, thank you. How long had you worked at Cheddar Grove?

JA: Had I?

C: Yes, at the time

JA: A year or so

C: Maybe if I refer to your statement, your statement says from 12 July 2021 to 20 May 2023. You now work in the regional office?

JA: Yes

C: So was it from July 2021 when you joined then?

JA: Yes, it would be

C: This isn’t a memory test, if you want to refer to your statement its absolutely fine that you do.

JA: Alright

C: In your role as administrator, at the time did you have any training in First Aid?

JA: No

C: Again, in the role of administrator, do you look at, at the time were you aware of all the care plans and what the requirements were and what the residents needed?

JA: No, that wasn’t really my field

C: As the administrator then, what was your role on the day to day basis?

JA: It changed a lot over my time there, to begin with, I was only part time 3 hours a day, most at the beginning was processing covid tests, then it grew into much more. There is a national staffing crisis, so I was contacting job agencies and nursing temp agencies and making sure we had enough staff

C: OK, thank you. Now, prior to the events that happened in September, did you know Marcus at all?

JA: As much as I could, that he was often around the house, I’d see him around, he’d often come and hug me, yeh

C: So, can I just ask then you take me through what you remember about the events on the 28 September, if you need to refer to your statement I’m happy for you to.

JA: I will need to, it’s quite a long time ago, let me see. Yes, I remember seeing Marcus as I came in on the day I think, he was sat on the floor at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway, would have been around 9am, I may have been a little late.

I’d have gone upstairs to the office, don’t recall what doing at time, but working at computer at a desk, most likely answering emails. Later on I remember hearing Sue’s voice, I could hear her saying something reassuring to Marcus, I’m just reading my statement, is that ok?

C: Yes

JA: I saw her saying something reassuring to Marcus … Laura said she’d been making sensory bowls… she’d left one with spoon in it and Marcus had eaten some of the uncooked rice… she was trying to find the conkers.

The seriousness of the situation didn’t sink in for me at the time, I’m not a support worker, I’m not medically trained. I tried to reassure Laura….went back to the office…. short time later Shabeena came in, she said she didn’t know whether to call a doctor or an ambulance, I said ambulance, she called an ambulance…. Little later when I was leaving for home, I saw the paramedics taking Marcus away, they asked if he could walk… they were worried about him transferring from his chair to the bed, I said yes he could walk

C: That statement is dated 16 June 2023, you’ve read chunks of it, is that how you remember it?

JA: Yes, I mean it’s a long time ago, I’m only human, my memory is imperfect, yes that’s it

C: So Laura Bolus had said there was a sensory bowl with uncooked rice and conkers and she’d left a spoon in it?

JA: I believe so yes, if that’s what I said at the time, that’s likely to be correct

C: And did you see the bowl at all?

JA: No

C: OK, thank you very much, I don’t have any further questions. If you wait there a moment

There were no questions for the witness from any counsel and he was released at 10:16.

[The next witness was Laura Bolus, the activities coordinator, her evidence is ongoing. I will report it later, but it might not be until tonight, and I can only remain in court for one more hour, so might not be able to cover all of it].

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