Autism Anglia – Lambert House

I’ve not even opened this report yet but I’m feeling uneasy. In part due to the large number of red dots indicating the sheer state of the place, but also because Autism Anglia are a charitable provider. My recent post reviewing the November CQC data release found that if you were learning disabled or autistic […]

Heathcotes Yorkshire Supported Living and Avalon Care Home

Two more updates on social care for learning disabled and/or autistic people that CQC have recently rated inadequate. You can see all the reports on the Curated Content section of my site here, if you’d like to just go straight to the relevant CQC information without my commentary. First up today, Heathcotes Yorkshire Supported Living, […]

The Phoenix and Forge House Services

This is the first blog post reporting on the detail of Care Quality Commission reports finding inadequate care, that I’ve written, rather than sharing the information on Twitter. Consider it a little experimental, I’m going to pick and choose what to highlight and would welcome feedback on whether its useful. Given the number of reports […]

Care homes for learning disabled and autistic people in England providing inadequate care

Since July 2022 I’ve been regularly reporting on care for learning disabled and autistic people that the regulator in England, the Care Quality Commission, has found to be inadequate. I have been using Twitter to share the reports, the overview findings, lowlights (they definitely aren’t highlights) and any action taken by the regulator. I was […]