Loyal #GettingToKnowGaia

This is going to be a short post today, with just one example. Gaia has so far been variously described as caring and maternal, good at building trust in people, warm and loving and not afraid to show it.

There were several examples given of Gaia’s loyalty, to her sisters, other family members, her friends. She was remembered as ‘fiercely defensive’, ‘sassy’ and ‘a lioness’. The memory I’d like to share with you however relates to her grandfather, or Pops, as he was called.

Kim and Talia were caring for their father at the end of his life. Talia recalled how Gaia made a lovely gluten-free blueberry and lemon cake for him. She baked it with Marienna in Talia’s kitchen and brought it around to her grandfather’s house.

Gaia’s grandfather was a pianist and a composer, we’ll look at musical memories another day, but when his health was failing and it was clear he didn’t have long left to live, he had an unfulfilled ambition, to hear a piece he’d written on the radio.

Gaia took it upon herself to realise her grandfather’s wish. Her Mum, Kim recalled:

‘He really wanted the radio system to play his music, Gaia worked hard as a producer to make that happen. The piece was recorded and arranged and Gaia worked hard to get it aired’.

Thanks to Gaia’s efforts her grandfather, or Pops, got to hear his music on the radio before he died.

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