Phase 2: Canada

I started this post on the airplane to Canada and have only just got around to posting it a few days later. I’m lucky enough to have two weeks in Canada, I start in Toronto, before spending 4 days in Edmonton and then return to Toronto for my final days (which includes a one day trip to Hamilton).

My plan is to meet with a cross section of people interested in involving families in investigating the deaths of learning disabled people (or people with developmental disabilities in Canada), those who are in advocacy or campaigning around related issues, and those working to improve access to healthcare for this group.

I’ve got meetings lined up with learning disabled people/ people with developmental disabilities, with people working in various roles in government in Alberta, Toronto and BC, those involved in the justice and coronial system, some academics, a journalist and a small number of bereaved parents and family members.

I’m giving a talk at CAM-H on Monday 1 October and will share the flyer when its available. My calendar is starting to fill up now but I’ve still got a few spaces if anyone reading this is interested and wanted to connect.

Once again I’m ridiculously grateful to Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for enabling me to undertake this trip and connect with others working to improve the lives and deaths of disabled people.

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