Record of Inquest – Danny Tozer

Danny’s parents have shared the final record of inquest from @TozerInquest with me and requested that I share it.

It’s here (or click on the image below, both will open the full record document in a new window), complete with spelling error of where Danny was born.

The document records Danny’s cause of death as:

1a) Ischaemic Brain Damage

1b) Cardiorespiratory Arrest

1c) SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy).

In response to the question about how, when, where and in what circumstances the deceased came by his death, and in the conclusion of the Coroner as to the death, the following is stated:

Daniel Tozer had autism, severe learning disabilities and epilepsy. On the morning of 21st September 2015 he as being afforded privacy in his supported living accommodation bedroom prior to getting up. His bed was fitted with an epilepsy sensor mat. When checked on by a support worker after approximately half an hour, he was found unresponsive. The sensor alarm had not sounded. He was taken to York Hospital where he died at 17:50 hours on 22 September 2015. There was no evidence of neglect and Daniel Tozer died of natural causes.

Danny’s mum has blogged about her reaction to the #LEDER report and her experience of Danny’s inquest here: La Danse Macabre. This is an extract, please read it:

…whatever we try the dance goes on behind closed doors and along corridors in ways we never understand and people like Danny and others are flung aside to keep things on track and the status quo ticking over.

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