Family statement at the conclusion of the inquest into Danny Tozer

Danny was a much loved son, brother and uncle. He was a fit and healthy young man, diagnosed with autism, epilepsy and learning disabilities. Danny was a people person who enjoyed travel, playing his piano, being active and drinking tea.

In 2013 Danny moved to be nearer us and we were hopeful that he could have a positive and fulfilling life in York. He required 24-hour help and support, was unable to speak and had uncontrolled epilepsy. His new home was run by Mencap and commissioned by the City of York Council.

The evidence that we’ve heard during this inquest paints a picture of confused and inconsistent support; a lack of monitoring; no overall coordination; an absence of leadership; and no one person or agency prepared to take overall responsibility for Danny’s care.

This chaotic care became dangerous for Danny and our concerns went unheeded. In September 2015 he was found unresponsive in his room and taken to hospital where he later died.

Learning disabled people should not die on average twenty years before their non-disabled peers, their deaths frequently un-investigated. We were shocked that we had to fight for two years to get an inquest into the unexpected death of a physically healthy and active 36 year old. We are grateful to Ben McCormack of Garden Court North Chambers and Gemma Vine and Anya Campbell of Minton Morrill Solicitors for their legal representation.

Danny’s senseless death has devastated his family and friends. He had so much to live for. As his parents we are proud of how Danny approached life. He lit up our lives.

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My sincere condolences to Danny’s family and friends for his untimely passing. The list of the learning disabled who never reached three score and ten grows longer week by week, month by month, year by year. We must continue to fight for their right to life by demanding answers, and showing how much we have suffered from their loss.

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