Melbourne meanderings

I took the weekend off from blogging and just enjoyed taking in the rays, wandering the city (I flew down to Melbourne from Sydney on Saturday afternoon), people watching and musing on what I’d heard and thought from week one of #WCMTLD.

I know I’ve already said it but I feel so totally and utterly privileged to be here, to focus on learning from the deaths of intellectually disabled people and trying to come up with some ideas for how we can improve things in death investigations, but also in improving people’s access to healthcare to prevent them dying in the first place.

I am ridiculously grateful to Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for funding my trip; to Sara, Rich and LB’s family for welcoming me into their lives and always saying yes to all the ideas (however ridiculous they’ve sounded) that we’ve had in the #JusticeforLB campaign; to all the other families who have shared their thoughts and insights with me since I started looking at this area; to everyone who is committed to working to improve things; and not least to all the amazing Australian and New Zealand people and organisations who have shared their time with me.

This is starting to turn into an Oscar ceremony type speech so I’ll stop talking and just share some shots of Melbourne in the sun, the backdrop to my weekend’s meanderings and musings.

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