My 60 thousandth tweet

I appear to be developing a bit of a habit of marking the round numbers of thousands of tweets with a blog post, not sure why really other than it seems good to mark the symmetry in some way, and perhaps also to take an opportunity to highlight a few things.

My 35kth tweet was marked by a blog post about the amazing Kate Granger and the need to re-learn the art of dying. Written back in May 2013, I’m delighted that a year later I had the opportunity to meet Kate, and even more delighted that she is still here, helping and inspiring many of us to face death and our thoughts about it on a regular basis. Long may that last.

My 50kth tweet was marked by a blog post about the indomitable Sara Ryan and JusticeforLB. Written six months ago at the start of February, it introduced my world to Sara, to LB and to the campaign seeking to raise funds for LB’s family to have legal representation at his inquest. Anyone familiar with this blog will have seen my posts since, and my own attempts to raise awareness and funds.

This left me in a bit of a dilemma as my 60kth tweet approached. Kate and Sara continue to do their thang, so who or what was of similar magnitude of importance? This got me thinking and reminiscing.

Five years ago I had the absolute privilege of a place at the Do Lectures, a residential like no other, a whirlwind of hope and possibility on the beautiful Fforest campsite in deepest Wales. A truly amazing, life affirming and life challenging experience for me that I really should blog about some time. The following year once the 2010 Do Lectures videos were available I set aside a weekend to watch them. The stand out film for me was this one:

I can remember the first time I watched it. Feeling an intense optimism for the human race, balanced with a feeling of being sanguine, jaded and a little old, in fact it was possibly one of the first times that I realised I was no longer young! I’ve spent my life being told I’m naive and too optimistic, but no longer could I consider that youthful naivety! Fast forward four years and I was scrolling through instagram the other day when I realised that Maggie had to be the feature of my 60kth tweet.

Having followed the journey of this amazing woman for years now, the world needs to hear more of what she is doing. I don’t for a minute believe that every one of us can, nor should be, like Maggie Doyne in our approach. However I completely agree with her that the human family can, and must, do better. I watched Maggie’s Do Lecture again last night.

I was left with a similar sense of awe at what she has achieved, but also a glowing ember of possibility in my soul. Of hope for humanity, accompanied with a niggle and a doubt of whether I’m doing enough. More soul searching ahead for me I think, I’ll keep you all posted on that, but in the meantime please take the time to watch Maggie’s Do Lecture, it’s 25 minutes well spent.

I hope one day to make it to Nepal, and if I do I’ll hopefully visit Maggie and her amazing family at Kopila Valley, for now you can keep up to date with the happenings at the Blink Now foundation here.

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