The moment of truth #hairhack

Wow, what a day. I pride myself on being quite good with words, they’re my preferred tool, and usually I can sit down, think for a moment and the fingers just start typing and the words come.

Not today.

Today I can’t find the right words, or rather I can find the words, but not the syntax to give them the impact I’d hope for. The words merrily skipping around the edges of my brain include terrified, excited, intrigued, emotional, angst, joy, pride, nerves, laughter, cackle, waver, manic, loss, grief, proud, LB, Bobby J, death, life, hope, belief, conviction.

Luckily for me, and for you reading, and for my crowd-funders who have pledged their cash and financial support to #hairhack, the truly awesome Paul Clarke had volunteered his services to capture the day. What follows is just a selection of his shots, because when words fail, pictures speak – at least these ones do.

Hairhack_2July_001_s 2


Hairhack_2July_009_sHairhack_2July_011_s 2

Lucy has been my hairdresser for about eight years. I’m the worst possible client, I have no idea what I’d like but I know what I don’t like, I get *very* easily bored but have zero commitment to maintaining any style, I’ve probably been close to the wire or late for about 70% of my appointments in that time, and I’m always hoping she can somehow work magic. In that eight years Lucy has had two babies and Selena and Laura have had to put up with me, but I can honestly say I’ve never met hairdressers that put me more at ease. When we arrived today Lucy and Selena had it all planned, they knew exactly what they were going to do. After a few tears, Lucy’s not mine, for once I didn’t cry, and a final selfie, we were off…

Hairhack_2July_014_s 2Hairhack_2July_016_sHairhack_2July_018_sHairhack_2July_020_sHairhack_2July_024_sHairhack_2July_025_sHairhack_2July_026_sHairhack_2July_033_s 2Hairhack_2July_034_sHairhack_2July_036_sHairhack_2July_038_sHairhack_2July_041_sHairhack_2July_044_sHairhack_2July_046_sHairhack_2July_047_sHairhack_2July_055_sHairhack_2July_057_s

Once the deed was done, rinsed and tidied up, any mixed emotion or tension was definitely replaced with relief and joyHairhack_2July_068_sHairhack_2July_069_sHairhack_2July_070_sHairhack_2July_074_sHairhack_2July_077_sHairhack_2July_081_sHairhack_2July_083_sHairhack_2July_088_sHairhack_2July_087_sHairhack_2July_089_sSo there you have it, my contribution to Day 105 of #107days. In honour and memory of Bobby J and Connor, in gratitude to Rowcroft Hospice, and in awe of Sara and Rich and their fight for answers and improvement.

I’m not sure I would have got as far as today if it wasn’t for all of you who pledged your support, if you’d been meaning to donate, you still can and really every penny does count. The current total is £5,440 but I’m hopeful we’ll find another £60 to make it a nice round number, unless of course anyone wants to pledge for a half day workshop on social media campaigning.

I’m very grateful to Abi and my gorgeous nieces, Libbie and Phoebe and to Em and Jo who all came along to provide moral support. I’ll be forever indebted to Paul for these amazing photos (there are more but you’re not having them all at once) and to Lucy and Serena at Stylz who jumped at the chance to support me in my headshave, despite a guarateed loss of business. So if you need any photos taking, or if you need a haircut (I promise they wont scalp you unless you ask them to), you know what to do.

I’d better finish before this turns into an Oscar style speech, but thank you, really, to all of you….now here’s me trying, and failing, to look mean! So if you’re reading this and you’ve yet to dig deep, please do so. Thank you.


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jennywalkabout says:

Absobloodylutely Brilliant! Take care in the sun over the next few days! Xxx

wisegrannie says:

Haven’t you got lovely teeth!! And a lovely smile! Well done!

Amanda Szulik says:

Absolutely amazing congratulations on not only smashing your original target but rocking the shaved head look
Amanda x

Kate Swaffer says:

Well done… CONTRATULATIONS… you look wonderful, and … you are a MUCH braver woman then me as I did it without a mirror! I do remember holding my long ponytail after they CHOPPED it off in one foul swoop though! And you’ll be needing to see your wonderful hairdressers more often than with it long, as the tufts grow back and need constant trimming at the back of your neck, so you’ve done them a huge favour too. Kate 🙂

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