Hope sings eternal

There have been several claims in the news recently that singing in a choir is as good for your health as yoga! Unfortunately there is zilch evidence to support that claim which was based on a very small scale, observational snap shot of a handful of teenagers in Sweden. So while medical benefits may not yet stack up, anecdotal evidence (mine and other people’s) suggest that singing makes you feel good, well it makes me feel good.


This week I had the absolute pleasure of hearing the newly formed Rowcroft Choir perform for the first time. Rowcroft provides specialist care and support to the people of South Devon with progressive, life limiting illnesses. The choir is made up of staff, volunteers, and those who have been bereaved, all of the members have some connection to Rowcroft. I’ve no idea what their heart rates were doing during the performance or any associated health benefits, actually to be honest to start with they looked petrified, but they had absolutely no reason to be, they were fantastic. The singing was great, the selection of music eclectic, and perhaps most importantly they all oozed a sense of belonging and connectedness.

Anyone who has read my blog before knows I am completely in awe (and grateful) of Rowcroft, the support it provides, and the staff and volunteers who make that possible. This took it a step further even still, as I took photos and watched my Mum singing with this new bunch of people, something clicked for me. This wasn’t just about the hospice, or the choir, it wasn’t simply about performance, raising money, death, dying, living, raising awareness, for me it made me realise that there is a rowcroft community who are living their values. The Rowcroft tag line is Taking Care Further, as I watched, listened and experienced these people I felt part of something, despite my Dad no longer being alive it felt that there was still something on offer.

The support that Rowcroft provides isn’t just for those at the end of life, or living with a terminal illness, it’s more than that, it’s about their family members and friends, it’s about our local community across South Devon, it is about living, dying and caring for all of us. Special mention should go to Katie who works in fundraising at Rowcroft, she did a solo, very impressive, feel free to take my word for it and offer a donation here to support the brilliant work of the hospice for the people of South Devon.


Hats off to the choir members who are living, and singing, their values and really are taking care further, best of luck, or should I say break a leg for your upcoming performances at the weekend.

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