Twitter etiquette MT – the responses

Earlier today I posted a blog post about modified tweets, MTs. What followed surprised me no end, there was a really engaging conversation on Twitter. Lots of people agreeing, disagreeing, asking for more information, offering alternative views. I’ve done by best to capture the thoughts that people offered and group them according to themes:

  • How and why people use MT
  • New knowledge – enlightenment (an exact quote) and understanding
  • Clarification, agreement and other pet hates
  • Restrictions of Twitter and some advice
  • Theoretical stuff
  • A hint of irony or humour, and
  • What happened next

Rather than just write a blog post listing the tweets I’ve put them into a diagram grouping responses by these themes. It is huge so if you click on the image below you’ll be able to open it and then you should be able to zoom and read each tweet individually.

I hope that it serves as as much food for thought for you, as it did for me. Thanks to everyone who offered their thoughts and please feel free to keep adding in the comments or on Twitter. I’m delighted that my pedantry (that I try to keep under control at all times) sparked such a wide ranging discussion….I guess I wasn’t the only one thinking about it. Thank you all.

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