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I’ve been blogging in a personal capacity for a number of years and having left full-time employment I thought I’d take the opportunity to start a professional blog on my new website. It’s likely to cover topics such as research impact, utilisation of knowledge, dissemination of research findings, social media and it’s role as an engagement tool, and some thoughts around innovation, design and creativity for knowledge transfer.

My undergraduate degree was in Education and my PhD was in the psychology of special education, focusing on education and curriculum for children with profound and multiple learning disabilities. I started my career as a lecturer and was particularly focused on translating and applying the findings of my PhD into real world settings. Since then I have held a number of roles, all of which have focused in one way or another on utilisation and application of knowledge.

My most recent role was as Director of research in practice for adults, the leading¬†organisation in the promotion of evidence-informed practice in adult social care services in England. Having worked at RiPfA in various roles since it’s inception in 2006, and having held the Director’s position for three years, I have decided to move on and identify new opportunities that allow me to maximise my innovative and creative approach to knowledge transfer.

To that end I hope that this blog will become a repository of thoughts and ideas that will help frame my own thinking, but also be of use to others too. I look forward to blogging with you, and very much hope that people will comment and join the discussion.

**I am currently available to discuss short or long term commissions or research projects, and am always interested in discussing the impact of research and transfer of knowledge. Please do get in touch if you wish to do so. For further information about my background, skills or experiences please visit my profile on LinkedIn.


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