What one thing….websites #lazyweb

I’ve been delighted with the response to a tweet I sent this morning:

So far responses have included:

@paul_clarke – mobile/screen size adaptation

@Ermintrude2 – the reason I went is accessible and obvious. No auto video/audio!

@jaxrafferty – Important that a website is credible: whether selling socks, travel or research findings. Oh, & that it is not full of typos

@444blackcat – clear easy navigation

@copperbird – loading time, and how quickly can I find the info I want

@segelstrom – content

@amcunningham – most important to me is being able to figure out what it is about- access to simple messages

@missseapeaches – ease of use

I know I’ll not be on twitter for most of today so thought I’d create a blog post too so people could leave comments if they wanted to in more than 140 (because I know I’ll not be able to get into a discussion). I’ll copy further answers into here over the weekend. Thanks for all the answers.

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Not getting… interrupted. I hate pop-ups, surveys, compulsory ads before films. That is an immediate clickaway.

This is a hard question to answer! Being objective, I think many people have vastly different experiences and opinions of the web, depending on their age and their background, and I suspect it all boils down to expectations.

For me, the most important thing is that the content can be easily shared, and a permanent link to it is available so that I can tag it, or add it to my “read later” list.

If it’s worth reading or watching I’ll want to share it, and if I don’t have time (or the connection speed) then I’ll probably want to read or watch it some other time, or download it and take it with me offline.

I could write a very long answer about accessibility, page load times, and the design and technical aspects, but I think people could tolerate most design failures and technical difficulties as long as the content is worth it.

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