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At lunchtime today we had a meeting at work to discuss social media, with a particular focus on twitter. I met with a few colleagues in December and showed them how to use twitter, I wrote a post about it here and at the time asked people for their advice, which I had intended to write up in another post. Life took over and I never wrote the post, so today I asked the twittersphere some further questions (see above) and the responses are as follows.

What’s the point of twitter?

> What’s the point of talking? – @MartinHowitt

> What’s the point of talking, what’s the point of having a view and expressing it? – @Mikey3982

> Point of twitter, from the opinion of a young person:!/DocNicola/status/162562761103114242 – via @JeremyPearson

What would you never do?

> Game follower numbers – @MartinHowitt

What twitter mistake do you most regret?

> Using the wrong account – @Phillirose

> Getting into pointless debates – @MartinHowitt

> Biggest twitter mistake was not getting something that was a joke and responding to it seriously @NursingTimes carving turkey! – @HelenHSAUK

What’s your favourite twitter success/outcome?

> Connecting with people over time, leading to mutual referrals over work/play – @phillirose

> Greeted last night at fab @jaimeelewis @HelenHSAUK #personalisation book launch as if everyone KNEW me! – @whoseshoes

> Meeting great tweeps offline. They know who they are 🙂 – @MartinHowitt

> Almost all my current and ongoing work has it’s roots in a Twitter conversation. Weapon of choice! – @NatAltDesign

> Best twitter wins I have had are with solutions to ongoing technical failures. They need addressing, and publicly. Handy. – @zerosandones

So there you have it, the wisdom of the crowd. I’ve not got an awful lot to add, I’m shoulder to shoulder with everyone, especially Martin H, for me twitter is an opportunity to connect and chat – why not. I’ve met some amazing people, some I’ve not yet met in person, some I have, and I’m confident that many more are out there to connect with. If you’re new to twitter, don’t worry too much, jump in and see where it gets you.

You’ll notice that the successes and points of twitter far outnumber the mistakes and what not to do – so just have a go, we’re a friendly bunch.

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