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This year the Commonwealth Games are being held in India, in fact they are due to start in just under 10 days. You can visit the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi website here. There has been lots of media coverage this week, which you would think was a good thing….except it has nearly all been ridiculously negative. It has been questioning the preparations, the buildings, alleged corruption, and most recently ‘shocking’ photos of the Athletes Village have been winging their way around the web. You can see the BBC report here.

Image from wikipedia site

The motto of the Commonwealth Games is Humanity – Equality – Destiny.

So the irony isn’t lost on me that the Western media is moaning about the conditions that athletes will live in for eleven days, when the reality for many people living in India is that this is far and above their everyday living conditions. So how about a little perspective people? I’m not suggesting that the conditions are below what is optimum, but how about a little humanity and equality?

Photo by BabaSteve

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