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Unusual request this one but couldn’t resist supporting it. Those of you who have visited these pages before will know how much respect I have for our service personnel and I’ve a special soft spot for bootnecks – I’ve spent many happy evenings hanging out socialising at Lympstone, have seen the training that Royal Marines go through, sat and watched young lads pass out who are now out in Afghanistan and watched friends return and try to put their lives back together.

Anyway, this isn’t another rant. Adam Stone @rokkster contacted me yesterday and asked me to spread the word about the request he’d received. You can read Adam’s blog post about it here but given that I know how few of you click through links on my blog I’ll explain more below.

The request is for World Cup paraphernalia – that’s tat to you and I – to be sent out to the Royal Marines serving in Afghanistan. They’re after flags, banners, posters, bunting, whatever would raise spirits and build the atmosphere. So when you grab your tat in the next couple weeks, and lets be honest I know some of you will, how about grabbing some extra and popping it in the post to C Group who are co-ordinating it and they’ll get it shipped out to Afghan to the lads.

Just throw it in the post to:

The C Group
Commando Training Centre Royal Marines

***Don’t worry I have no intention of sending them my oven glove but didn’t have anything else tatty!

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