Exploring London

I’m officially on holiday and am heading into London town to see what or who I can find to entertain myself!

Am feeling much calmer than yesterday and far less angsty about the possibility that I’ll not get away on holiday; I’ve always believed that it is how you deal with situations in life that defines you, not the situations themselves…so as my bootneck mate advised me yesterday I’m “sucking it up”!!

I’ve put on one of my favourite Howies t-shirts and am going out to explore and have every intention of having a great couple days in London town. Suggestions of places to visit so far include Houses of Parliament, Tate, London Eye and Covent Garden.

Please leave a comment with anywhere you think is worth a look – and go on, be generous, I know you wouldn’t normally share your favourite haunts with the masses in case they become too popular and you can’t enjoy them any more – but just this once, please 😉

Photo by Dimitry B

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