Holiday packing

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Volcano dust permitting next week I will be at conference in Canada before ten days on a very long overdue, and desperately needed, holiday. So I have to take some work gear with me (laptop, couple papers, smartish clothes) and clothes for 10 days holiday; I’m deluding myself (am quite good at this) and taking my running gear; might need a winter coat – need to check the weather report before going and I’m very aware that the holiday bit involves quite a lot of train travel so I don’t want too much luggage.

So I thought I’d let twitter and my blog readers help me out…what one thing do I need to take on holiday with me? What do you always take, or always take too many of, that I should leave behind? What am I most likely to forget?

Oh and if you’re going to be helpful, and I know all you lovely people will want to be 😉 what is the one thing/place/experience/food/pub that is unmissable in Toronto, Montreal, New York or Niagara? Help plan the itinerary, you know you want to. Thanks.

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Tracey Nixson says:

Never been to Canada & Smee away so can’t ask him about good places to visit. I always pack too much & then eliminate as much as possible by really bonestly asking myself what I would wear – also what is the worst that can happen? You might end up buying something you need but then on the plus side it is a reminder of a great trip, so, win win. Toiletries are useually provided so unless you have allergies, less to carry. A pair of comfy shoes is pretty important though!

georgejulian says:

Have just been in the attic to find my mahoosive case and it’s not there (has since been located at little sister’s house in Taunton – not worth the trip to go get it) so will have to be VERY disciplined. Work stuff first then just jeans and tops methinks…and my comfy shoes of course 😉

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