Half-seeking Public and Patient Voice representatives?

17 Jan 2016 - 2 Comments

Just before New Year a tweet half-caught my eye. This one: Having lived and breathed #JusticeforLB over the previous 12 months, including being family representative on not one, but two independent investigations, this was interesting. I’d already promised myself that I had to get back to working more in 2016. I’ve been working for myself […]

#SouthernHealth Sleazy Read response to the #Mazars report

20 Dec 2015 - 3 Comments

Big week this week, after months of delay the #Mazars report into deaths at Southern Health was finally published at just gone 2pm on Thursday 17 December. You can download/read the Mazars report here and you can download/read the easy read version here. I’m not going to blog about the findings here, others have done […]

Hidden in plain sight: outing the outlier argument #Mazars

13 Dec 2015 - 5 Comments

There have been many responses to the leaked #Mazars review this week, with the vast majority being a mix of horror and disbelief. There are notable exceptions though that Sara has blogged about here Doubters, deniers and belieSHers. Sara touches on the ‘outlier argument’ which is what I want to focus on in a little more detail […]

Hidden in plain sight: utter contempt from the CEO Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

11 Dec 2015 - 3 Comments

Many times since I’ve been involved with JusticeforLB I’ve found myself recapping the days events in my head with disbelief. Yesterday was the best of times and the worst of times. Sara published her recap of the day What a difference a day makes just as I was going offline for the evening, a taster: Debates […]

Hidden in plain sight: Gold standard epilepsy care at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust #JusticeforLB

06 Dec 2015 - No Comments

This weekend I’ve spent some time revisiting the fascinating tomes that are the Southern Health Board Papers, Annual Reports and Quality Accounts. The errors, inaccuracies, contradictions and spin make your head woozy after a while so I had to take a step away to catch up on Casualty, I find it a more realistic interpretation […]

Hidden in plain sight: patient safety and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust #JusticeforLB

06 Dec 2015 - 5 Comments

Claims 1) Learning disabled people and those with mental ill health matter less than… [you complete the sentence, pretty much anything will do] 2) Society (that’s you and I) continually, and routinely accepts a sub-standard of care and treatment for these people 3) Sick people go to hospital, sick people die sometimes, therefore we don’t bat an […]

10 years of Patient Opinion: Are networked citizens impacting on health/care services and culture?

06 Dec 2015 - No Comments

Patient Opinion is 10 years old. Wow, a decade, double digits, how time flies. I’m very disappointed I won’t be there for the celebration event and gutted to miss out on the birthday cake. I first came across Patient Opinion back in 2009. Having joined Twitter in late 2008, I was starting to build a […]

Working outside academia – some thoughts from the Sociological Review ECR event

08 Nov 2015 - No Comments

A couple of weeks ago I spoke at an event organised by The Sociological Review for early career researchers. I’ve been musing this event and some of the online conversation that accompanied it since. You can still see some of it on twitter on the hashtag #SRecr. The afternoon event felt like it was focused […]

10 reasons why I can’t support the Verita 2 conclusions #JusticeforLB

21 Oct 2015 - 3 Comments

Last summer Sara and Rich asked me if I was willing to be their lay representative on Verita 2. This investigation was expected to build on Verita 1, which found LB’s death to be wholly preventable, and look at the wider system aspects at play in the lead up to/at the time. I’d never been involved […]

Falling Walls: time to end death by indifference #JusticeforLB?

17 Aug 2015 - 2 Comments

Falling Walls Today I stumbled across Falling Walls for the first time: Falling Walls is a unique international platform for leaders from the worlds of science, business, politics, the arts and society. It was initiated on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. Inspired by this world-changing event on 9 […]