Practice makes perfect: Building better understanding between frontline practice and social care research

02 Jun 2013 - 2 Comments

Last month I had the pleasure of chairing a workshop session at Community Care Live 2013 #cclive13. Aimed at social care practitioners, this event included an exhibition alongside a two day conference programme. Our session focused on the role of evidence in practice and discussed how busy practitioners can learn what works well elsewhere in […]

Positive giving

18 May 2013 - 5 Comments

I’m going to start this post with a disclaimer! I don’t know an awful lot about fundraising, or charitable giving so I’m not offering this post as some sort of expert advice. I am however interested in the potential of social media to share messages or build a narrative, and thought I’d share my personal […]

How to handle disgruntled customers – Ollie style

06 Mar 2013 - 2 Comments

Last night I reached my tolerance of the First Great Western website’s new booking system and fired out a despondent tweet venting my frustration. You can read more about the concerns I have with this new system and the apparent lack of user testing (because I refuse to believe that anyone did test it) on […]

Twitter etiquette MT – the responses

03 Mar 2013 - No Comments

Earlier today I posted a blog post about modified tweets, MTs. What followed surprised me no end, there was a really engaging conversation on Twitter. Lots of people agreeing, disagreeing, asking for more information, offering alternative views. I’ve done by best to capture the thoughts that people offered and group them according to themes: How […]

Twitter etiquette – modify this? #MT

02 Mar 2013 - 6 Comments

I’ve been blogging recently on this site about social media and how it can support engagement if done well. This morning I posted a slightly ranty tweet that went as follows: This wasn’t particularly subtle, it wasn’t meant to be. It also wasn’t actually directly at one individual in their own right, but a small […]

Social media and citizen engagement

22 Jan 2013 - 3 Comments

Over the past week I’ve blogged an argument as to why people should be taking notice of social media and have also worked up a discussion of the analogy of social media as a vehicle, so today I thought it was time to consider what journey the social media vehicle could take us on, and […]

Social media as a vehicle

18 Jan 2013 - 2 Comments

Earlier this week I shared a post, and a slideshare, that was talking about why people need to start taking notice of socia media, if they’re not doing so already. This post shared some of the arguments given for ignoring social media and pointed out, quite simply, that the ostrich approach of head in sand […]

Social media: why you should take notice

15 Jan 2013 - 8 Comments

Back in October I facilitated a workshop at the National Children and Adult Services Conference in Eastbourne. NCASC 2012 brought together leaders from across health and social care in the UK to discuss, debate, learn and network around the pressing topics of the day. There was much talk of the challenging financial situation, the (then) […]

Welcome to my professional blog

04 Nov 2012 - No Comments

I’ve been blogging in a personal capacity for a number of years and having left full-time employment I thought I’d take the opportunity to start a professional blog on my new website. It’s likely to cover topics such as research impact, utilisation of knowledge, dissemination of research findings, social media and it’s role as an […]